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Root Strategy is a consulting firm founded on the principal of strategic marketing.  We energize organizations through natural marketing perspectives and planning.   Our straight forward approach stresses cohesive, transparent assistance and drives a proactive vs. reactive focus.  Whether it is through branding, business development or project management; focusing on the larger picture will help everyone to achieve common goals.  We take pride in understanding our clients and shaping the big picture towards successful, attainable outcomes.


“Guide businesses toward a plan rooted in success through insightful marketing perspectives and distinctive strategic solutions.”


“Be strong partners who provide rewarding, achievable outcomes that will add long term value to organizations.”


Take pride in knowing our client’s business as well as our own.
Provide the best successful solutions possible based on client’s needs.
Make the solutions achievable.


Insightful Guidance
Optimal Outcomes
Strategic Focus
Teamwork Driven
Marketing Core

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